Content Stylez
 Content Stylez is a non-profit organization
co-founded by Chris Carter and Brittany Hardy.
It's mission is to donate wigs to women in Ward
8 who are going through hair loss due to 
chemotherapy or some other disease.
Just For You
Rhonea Long's desire to provide stylish and
affordable clothes to plus size teens. Her
mission is to make plus size teens feel they 
have options when they shop.
Lexis' Bantus
Alexis Fleming is finding that many women that
wear their hair in a natural style don't know how
to apply the proper treatments to care for their
hair. Lexis' Bantus will provide tips and that will
help natural hair women look their best.

Original State Of Mind
Jordan started in our program as a junior in Dematha HS and is a recent graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, NY.  OSM is a parent company for his different clothing brands and freelance art/design firm. While he currently is working with The Under Armour company, he is working on the launch of his first collection sometime in the fall of 2014.


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